Anti-Pesto's History and Mission

Since 1988, our mission has been you. We’re dedicated to revolutionizing the way homeowners and commercial properties experience pest management in the Tampa Bay area. People often say there’s something unique different about our teams and our service. It’s because we don’t approach you as another box on the day’s list of tasks. From the time we started Anti-Pesto, we’ve known we’re not just solving pest issues; we’re helping individuals, families, and businesses attain healthier, more comfortable, productive environments - environments conducive to thriving families and operations.

What's more, we are a Quality Pro certified company-- a prestigious designation that less than 3% of pest management businesses in our industry have earned! What does this mean? See the video above to learn more. 

Our Commitment to You

This dedication to our customers means pest-control is our secondary mission, although our elimination and prevention options are among the most secure, intelligent, and effective in Florida. Your satisfaction is our primary goal. That’s why you’ll notice a difference in the attentiveness and courtesy of our exterminators in Tampa Bay. In fact, we prefer to be a on first name basis with our customers to emphasize the personal nature of the work we do. 

Our Top of the Line Exterminators 

We’re committed to continually revolutionizing the way Florida homeowners and businesses handle pests. That’s why ongoing education and a drive to discover the safest, most effective and convenient treatments possible are cornerstones of Anti-Pesto. We only select extensively trained exterminators that embody our customer-centric values and a passion for helping Floridians live pest-free lives. You’ll see the difference in their friendly personalities, courteous nature, and unmatched services.

Services Distinguished by Safety and Effectiveness

The pest control world is changing. An industry once dominated by the repetitive application of harmful chemicals now has a myriad of options for the control of pests. But not every pest control company will choose them. At Anti-Pesto Bug Killers, we’re committed to providing you with solutions that deliver the results you want while maintaining environmental responsibility and safety for your loved ones. We’re continually keeping an ear to the ground to ensure our treatments are ahead of the curve. Our service selections enable you to have a pest-free existence without compromising your safety or your values.

Locally Owned and Trusted

Locally owned and operated by Howard and Wendy Bright, you can rest assured knowing that your home or business is being taken care of by another family in the local community. For personalized, customer-centric service from a company that understands the Tampa Bay area and its people, choose Anti-Pesto. Our never-ending commitment to quality and our loyal customers are what make our services incomparable in the pest control industry today!

 Meet our professional team who can help you today!