Are you suffering from the itching and discomfort of bed bugs?

Are you suffering from the itching and discomfort of bed bugs? You can sleep soundly again soon with just one heat treatment from Anti-Pesto Bug Killers. Our bed bug treatments in St. Petersburg penetrate even the most hard-to-reach areas in your bed. The best part? We'll save your belongings!

Sleep tight without the fear of bed bugs!

Bed Bug Control St. Petersburg

Bed bug control in St. Petersburg

Here at Anti-Pesto, we’ve elected to use heat treatments because they’re the safest, most effective and advanced method for bed bug control in St. Petersburg. Our technicians will raise the temperatures in your home’s infested areas to a level that kills every bug but keeps your property safe from damage. You won’t have to worry about mattresses, sheets, or bedroom items being damaged by repetitive chemical treatments.

Eliminate Bed Bugs With a Single Treatment

Where traditional bed bug methods require multiple treatments, our heat treatment takes just a single visit for total elimination. With our service, you wont have to:

  • Vacate your home multiple times
  • Stay in a hotel throughout the process
  • Have treatment providers in and out of your home with follow-up visits to see whether all the work was effective.
  • Replace any furniture or belongings

With Anti-Pesto Bug Killers, you’ll get rid of every bed bug - from egg to adult - in just one heat treatment, guaranteed. This is because our safe heat technique penetrates inside your mattress, to cracks in the walls, and everywhere that traditional chemicals can’t reach without the risk of damage to your home.

"All of your empoloyees that have worked here at my home have been so professional, kind and honest. I appreciate all of them. You can be very proud of them. I am very impressed with your company and the great job they do!" - Patricia

Sleep Soundly Once Again

Regaining your comfort and lifestyle is our mission. That’s why we offer:

  • Super fast inspections and treatments to give you fast relief.
  • No interest financing for up to 36 months for those who qualify. 
  • Free retreatments and service calls until the problem is completely cleared.

We know you want fast, surefire results, and that’s what you’ll get with Anti-Pesto's bed bug treatment in St. Petersburg. Don’t let traditional treatments leave you guessing. Sleep soundly again our innovative heat treatment!

Interested in our bed bug services? Learn more about our innovative and efficient heat treatment today.