You deserve to sleep soundly again tonight

Did you know you can eliminate bed bugs in one single swoop? If you’re tired of the itching, bites, and discomfort bed bugs cause for your family, we can help. The Anti-Pesto Bug Killers approach to bed bug control in Tampa, FL utilizes heat, rather than chemicals, to safely eliminate every last bed bug in your home! 

Sleep tight without the fear of bed bugs!

Bed Bug Control Tampa

Bed bug control in Tampa

Bed bugs are so small that they will infest your mattress faster than the turn of a dime. We understand the discomfort that comes along with a bed bug infestation, and we're here to give you the fastest relief possible. Give us a call today at 727-524-6333 to schedule a bed bug inspection!

Why Choose Anti-Pesto?

When it comes to bed bugs, the ideal solution is a fast, surefire elimination that won’t ruin your mattresses, sheets, and property, and will keep your family safe. Our bed bug treatment in Tampa does just that, and that is why our services are your best option. Why choose Anti-Pesto?

  • We utilize one treatment of heat - rather than pesticides - to defeat the bugs in one fell swoop.
  • We raise the temperatures to make the environment lethal to bed bugs, but safe for your home. 
  • Our treatments are completely safe for your children and pets. 
  • We offer no interest financing for up to 36 months for those who qualify. 
  • We have a great reputation in the local community and a great relationship with customers!

"Great service! Not one bug in the house since we started the service. Highly recommend them to anyone." - Michael

Eliminate Bed Bugs Fast

With traditional treatments, it usually takes 12 weeks to guarantee that every bed bug is gone. With our bed bug treatment in Tampa, we can do this in just ONE day. We’ve turned heat treatments into a science so that every bed bug, in every stage - egg to adult - is reached and eliminated. With our help, you will get the fastest results possible and salvage your property. 

Interested in our bed bug services? Learn more about our innovative and efficient heat treatment.