Commercial pest control that won't disrupt your schedule

Are you looking to control pests at your commercial property with a plan that won’t disrupt your day to day activity or compromise the safety of the facility? Look no further. Anti-Pesto Bug Killers is a leader in the integrated pest management approach for commercial properties. If you are looking for pet and child-friendly, non-chemical, lasting commercial pest control in St. Petersburg that is shaped to the unique needs of your operation, you’ve found it.

Pests have no business being in yours. Don't let them!

Commercial Pest Control St. Petersburg

Commercial pest control St Petersburg, FL

There’s nothing like a swarm of pests to ruin the comfort of employees and customers, and interrupt the daily flow of work. You should be spending time focusing on your business, not squashing invasive pests. Our St. Petersburg commercial pest control is designed to free you to return to business as usual while we quickly taking care of ants, spiders, silverfish, roaches, and more at your property. 

Child and Pet-Friendly Products

Our modern, broad-based approach utilizes child and pet-friendly products, which were originally used in sensitive environments like libraries and museums. We don’t believe that traditional care, which involves the repetitive application of pesticides to visible pests, is best for commercial properties. In fact, we consider chemical solutions a last resort in our St. Petersburg, FL commercial pest control plans. Rather than spray, we intelligently adjust a variety of biological, cultural, and environmental factors that make your property as unappealing to pests as possible.

"AntiPesto has consistently delivered outstanding results while contracted to service the high-end hospitality properties I managed, and commercial flex product I currently oversee." - Ben

Organic Treatments with Lasting Benefits

For commercial properties with a wide variety of concerns and stakeholders, chemical treatments pose greater risk. Our integrated pest control program is designed to put you in the drivers seat, where you’ll have the greatest control over pests at your property. Our technicians have extensive knowledge about the nature and habits of pests, and our integrated approach turns it against them. In the end, you’ll achieve long-term control, decrease risks to staff and customers, and potentially save money by avoiding expensive chemical applications.

If you're interested in getting rid of pests once and for all in your business, learn more about our Integrated Pest Management.