Take control of your business with our safe, non-toxic treatments

Entrusting the pest control at your commercial property into the hands of a third party is a significant decision -- we understand. Our commercial pest control in Tampa is personalized to your operation, the needs or your industry and your goals. We use an advanced, integrated strategy that minimizes chemical application and gives you unprecedented control over pest risks at your business.

Pests have no business being in yours. Don't let them!

Commercial Pest Control Tampa

Tampa commercial pest control

If you need to take control over pests but are worried that treatment will interrupt your operation or put workers and guests at harm, we can help with our commercial pest control in Tampa. We utilize a modern, broad-based approach that delivers control over pests with minimally-invasive, non-chemical strategies. In fact, chemicals are a last resort in this plan. Originally designed for sensitive environments like libraries and museums, our integrated approach puts you in the driver’s seat while maintaining the functionality of your commercial property.

"For the past six years we have employed the services of Howard Bright... he has always maintained integrity and professionalism, as well as accommodating our needs and trouble shooting any problems." - Charles

Personalized Treatment for Your Industry

Every commercial property is different - and so are their goals. With experience treating hotels, stadiums, business offices, hospitals, apartment complexes, and more, we have the flexibility to tailor an integrated plan for you. Our pest control technicians will consult with you to hear your concerns and make sure your plan is structured and carried out with them in mind.

Continue Business as Usual, Pest-Free!

The benefits of our integrated commercial pest control in Tampa are numerous. If you’re a property manager or business owner, it will put you at the highest level of control over pests possible. Our shoulder-to-shoulder approach guarantees all your needs will be addressed along the way. You won’t have to worry about harmful pesticides being repeatedly sprayed at your property. You can continue business as usual. We’ll get rid of pests with our pet and child-friendly, intelligent methods that produce lasting results.

If you're interested in getting rid of pests once and for all in your business, learn more about our Integrated Pest Management!