Tired of sharing your home with pests? We don't blame you!

If you need a surefire solution to eliminate pests in your home and keep them out for good, look no further. Anti-Pesto Bug Killers has organic, effective, fast treatments that have taken care of pest control in St. Petersburg for thousands of homeowners. Today, you can tackle that infestation and make sure you never have to experience that discomfort again. Call us before noon any day of the week and we will even service your home that very same-day with our same day service guarantee!

Pest Packages as Low as $31/Month

Residential Pest Control St. Petersburg

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Florida’s abundance of pests aren’t just infuriating, they’re also harmful to your family and pets. Don’t compromise the safety of your loved ones by putting them at risk. What’s more, you shouldn’t have to compromise their safety during treatment. We hand-select the safest, least invasive products on the market. There’s no difference in your results. In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction or we’ll come back and treat your home again. That's why our pest control in St. Petersburg is the best option!

"The technician that came out (the same day!) was also very knowledgeable and explained all that he was doing. We are very happy with the service so far and would definitely recommend Anti-Pesto." - Tim

The Safest Products and Friendliest Technicians

Our mission is to revolutionize the pest control process for homeowners in the area. We know it can seem like a chore - that is why we pride ourselves on personalized, hassle-free services. Our exterminators in St. Petersburg are warm and informative, and you’ll know exactly what methods and products are being utilized in your home throughout the process. No matter your concern, we’ll be happy to address it. These open lines of communication and our “can do” attitude will revolutionize the way you experience pest control!

Say Goodbye to Pests and Hello to Comfort

Our approach to pest control in St. Petersburg, FL is two-pronged. We provide same-day elimination with a sense of urgency, and we strategically and carefully barricade your home against future risks of all kinds. Taking the proactive step to eliminate future pests now saves you from health risks, protects your property, and minimizes the need for urgent, chemical-based treatments.

Choose from one of our three monthly pest programs and find the one that's right for you!

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