Protect your home from destructive termites today

Termites flourish in tropical areas, and a city like Brandon is a prime candidate for these types of pests. Living in this type of area means having the proper safeguard to protect your home is vital. Are you looking for a proactive solution for your home? You’ve come to the right place. Our termite control and treatment in Brandon is focused on ridding your home of the problem today and on protecting it for the future.

Protect your home from irreversible damage now!

Termite Control Brandon

Termite Control in Brandon, FL

No matter what species of termites have invaded your home, we have efficient solutions that work to treat and prevent all types of infestations. Would you like to experience a termite-free home for years to come? Who wouldn’t? With our termite treatment in Brandon, you won’t have to worry about your home anymore.

Kill Termites & Prevent Re-Infestations

Our Bora-Care termite solution can stop termites in their tracks while salvaging the wood in your home. Drywood termites can be eradicated completely with no residual wood damage or risk to your loved ones and pets. Here's how this treatment works:

  • It penetrates deep into wood providing an odor-free low toxicity solution to kill off the entire colony.
  • Bora-Care is applied to exposed wood in your attic, crawl spaces, and more to achieve total coverage.
  • The residual benefit of lasting, preventative care remains in the wood structures without causing decay.

Bay-Friendly Liquid Elimination

Our strategy for subterranean termites includes rapid elimination and proactive prevention to safeguard your home against damage. We use the conventional liquid treatments Termidor or Altriset because these chemicals are safer and more reliable than others. These treatments remain effective for years without adversely impacting adjacent landscaping or materials. Our strategy for long-term protection includes a termite monitoring and bait system designed to eliminate your termite worries for the long haul. You shouldn’t have to continuously worry year after year that your home is in danger. With our help, you won’t have to.

"What I love most about Anti-Pesto is that they call ahead to let me know they are coming and they call to follow up to make sure I am happy! They even do my service when I'm not at home which is extremely convienent for me!" - Jenn

A One-Year Warranty & No Interest Financing

It’s time to take control of your home back. Get rid of termites once and for all and eliminate the headache and worry of re-infestations with our termite treatment in Brandon. When it comes to treatment and prevention, Anti-Pesto Bug Killers is the way to go. Every termite treatment is backed by our one-year warranty, so if you still see signs, we’ll return free of charge! We even offer no interest financing for up to 36 months. Give our office a call and see if you qualify!

Learn more about our Subterranean Termite and Drywood Termite treatment programs today!