Protect your home from costly termite damage!

The thousands of dollars of damage that subterranean and drywood termites can cause in Florida should cause a sense of urgency if you’re seeing signs of an infestation. With Anti-Pesto Bug Killers' help, you can eliminate existing termites and heave the peace of mind knowing they won’t return. Our termite control and treatment in St. Petersburg is customized to the unique needs of your home for efficient care with long-term results!

Protect your home from irreversible damage now!

Termite Treatment St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg termite treatments

Once you become aware of the presence of termites, you need to act quickly. Termites rapidly chew away at your home’s foundation and wood structures, causing costly damage in a small window of time. Our exterminators are skilled in identifying the subtle symptoms of termite infestations. We will inspect your entire property and devise a customized plan of attack to completely rid your home of these pests. Our termite treatments in St. Petersburg are powerful against termites, and are completely child and pet-friendly.

"Howard's company provides pest control services for the inside on my house. They are very responsive and genuinely care about customer satisfaction. I would definitely recommend them. We are bug free!" - Rich

Fast Results and Long-Term Prevention

We understand your top priority is getting rid of the infestation. With our termite treatment in St. Petersburg, we'll do just that. This includes:

  • Inspecting your property and selecting the ideal treatment plan
  • Keeping you informed as we utilize our environmentally-responsible techniques to eliminate the colony.
  • Fortifying your home against future infestations with preventative control that requires minimal maintenance. 
  • Offering the most convenient payment options, including no interest financing for those who qualify.

Exterminators You Can Trust

No matter the pest, bringing a third party into your home requires a sense of trust in the treatment, results, and the people. At Anti-Pesto Bug Killers, we value the trust you place in us. We’re a locally-owned, small operation that values personalized care. In fact, many of our customers are on a first-name basis with their technicians. We’re revolutionizing the way homeowners experience termite control in St. Petersburg through cutting edge treatments and courteous, informative service.

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