Sleep Tight Protection Heat Treatment

bed bug treatment in Florida

Our bed bug solution utilizes a single treatment of heat - rather than the repetitive application of harmful chemicals - to get rid of bed bugs. You won't have to itch or worry any more! With Anti-Pesto’s tested bed bug solution, you can sleep tight again tonight.

A Non-Toxic, Fast-Acting Solution for Your Family

Our Sleep Tight Protection Heat Treatment elevates the temperature in your infested rooms to a level that is deadly to bed bugs and safe for your beds, sheets, and property. We lock the heat in for two to three hours, enabling it to penetrate every crack and crevice of the infected room, including the inside of your mattress. This non-toxic, fast-acting solution eliminates bed bugs in every stage, from eggs to adults, making it the ideal option for homeowners, property managers, and hotels nationwide.

Get Back into Bed That Very Night

With Sleep Tight Protection Heat Treatment, you won’t need to schedule follow-up visits or risk exposure to harmful pesticides - we get all the bugs in a single, safe treatment. We’ll have you back in your home, sleeping soundly the evening of treatment, whereas traditional solutions require vacation of the property for at least three days. What's more, we reduce total cost by preventing damage to furniture, mattresses, and other materials that are often harmed in chemical bed bug treatments.

Sleep Safe with Our Extended Warranty

We also offer an extended warranty for our bed bug treatments in the Tampa area. The science behind our heat treatment and its proven track record make us confident your problem won’t persist - but, if it does, we will retreat as needed. Whether it be a single room, or your entire home or business, we'll do this at no additional cost.

Interested in a free, no-obligation quote for our bed bug heat treatment? No problem, let us help you sleep soundly tonight! Give us a call at 727-524-6333 or fill out one of our forms today!