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3 Things You Can Do To Avoid Cockroaches

Cockroaches — they are not only unwelcome invaders but also a threat to human health. A cockroach infestation not only can spread the type of disease pathogens that are linked to food poisoning, but can also trigger asthma attacks in susceptible people, thanks to their routine shedding of their skin which can then be inhaled and cause allergic and asthma reactions.

A qualified pest control specialist from Brandon will not only treat the premises for signs of cockroaches but also provide information on what you can do to create a less than hospitable environment for them. By putting in place some precautionary measures, you can do your part to keep the cockroaches from becoming unwelcome inhabitants in your home.

Practice good sanitation. Cockroaches are voracious eaters, always in search of food. Their diet includes human and pet foods, decaying or fermenting matter and strong-smelling food waste. Pest control experts from Brandon recommend keeping food preparation areas clean, storing food in tight containers, don’t leave bowls of pet food out around the clock, and remove garbage promptly, taking it to an outdoor bin that is some distance from the home. If you save recyclables, rinse the containers thoroughly so the smell does not attract cockroaches. Keep your floors and counters free of crumbs and food spills.

Add some boric acid to your décor. Boric acid is an effective and deadly deterrent to cockroaches without causing harm to humans or non-target animals. Pest control specialists from Brandon suggest spreading a fine line of boric acid in areas where cockroaches like to roam: under the stove and refrigerator, behind trashcans, and near doorway openings. The boric acid powder is absorbed by the insects, ultimately causing their death. For easiest application, buy formulations in squeeze bottles to give you maximum control. But remember: a little goes a long way, since cockroaches will avoid crossing a heavy or thick line of boric acid powder.

Be cockroach vigilant. Don’t wait until they march across your floor to realize you have cockroaches. Instead, suggests pest control experts from Brandon, go cockroach-hunting. Using a flashlight, inspect their favorite haunts: dark areas offering warmth, food, moisture and shelter with plenty of natural materials such as wood or cardboard. Fill in gaps, cracks, crevices and holes with silicone sealant or urethane foam. Don’t allow standing water to accumulate, and use a dehumidifier in damp areas. 

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