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8 Tips to Avoid Selecting the Wrong Pest Control Company

Your house represents a major investment in time of love. To protect it from pests, make sure you choose a qualified pest control company in Clearwater. Unfortunately, there are many disreputable firms who will promise you a great job for a great price but once they are gone with your check in hand, the problem remains. Here are some signs that the pest control company in Clearwater you’re considering isn’t the right one for your pest control needs.

  1. No proof of licensing by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). Ask for the license number, then check with the FDACS at 850-921-4177 or do an online search by clicking here. Qualified pest control companies in Clearwater carry a valid license.
  2. No liability and property damage insurance. Florida state law requires that all commercial pesticide applicators carry either insurance or a surety bond. A qualified pest control company in Clearwater will provide proof of insurance or a surety bond.
  3. No business address or phone listing. Fly-by-night companies will not have a permanent business address and may only use a cell number, which will make it next to impossible to reach them should you have questions or concerns post-service. A pest control company in Clearwater will have a physical location and business telephone listing.
  4. Special “today only” pricing. Offers of a “one day only” great deal or a discount on service because they are “in the neighborhood” are high-pressure tactics to get you to sign without checking their references or getting other bids. The price given by a pest control company in Clearwater will generally be in line with other competitors.
  5. “Scare tactics.” Technicians who come to your home uninvited bringing signs of termite infestation may be “salting the claim” to get you make a fast decision. A pest control company in Clearwater schedules appointments with new customers at their request.
  6. Unwillingness to put the bid in writing. A qualified pest control company in Clearwater will provide you with the terms of the contract in writing, detailing how the treatment will be applied, what area will be treated, what chemicals will be use and any precautions or warnings about the products. The terms of the warranty and guarantee will also be clearly defined.
  7. Failure to perform a thorough inspection. A qualified pest control company in Clearwater won’t offer you a “ballpark bid” but will instead base the price on the results of a comprehensive inspection.
  8. Offering a “one size fits all” treatment. A dishonest firm may claim that a termite treatment also addresses ant or cockroach problems, unlike a qualified pest control provider of Clearwater, who tailors the treatment to the type of infestation found.

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