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Places You Might Find Ants in the House

Here's an ant, there's an ant, everywhere you look there's an ant. While ants are to be expected outside, ants in the house are another story. Our Pest control Palm Harbor experts offer some suggestions for where to look for ants and how to avoid “inviting” them in.

  • In the refrigerator. According to pest control Palm Harbor experts, carpenter ants are the most likely type to be found in the frig, since they are looking for meat or sweets. Clean the shelves, wipe off bottles and make sure all containers are sealed tightly.
  • On the counters. A few smears of jelly, a small spill of sugar, a few drops of juice — it all adds up to an ant buffet. Pest control experts from Palm Harbor recommend wiping counters often to avoid giving the little guys a reason to stay for a meal.
  • By windows. If you see a trail of ants, follow it back and you’ll probably find they came in through a crack or crevice around a window, say pest control Palm Harbor. Seal the opening and you may plug up the problem!
  • In the bathroom. Ants like the sweet stuff, and that includes fruit-scented soaps and scrubs. Another favorite is minty or cinnamon toothpaste or mouthwash. Keep jars, lotions and potions tightly closed, recommend pest control Palm Harbor experts.
  • pest control palm harbor checkIn the pantry. Ants have some pretty sharp choppers, making it easy for them to bite right through the cardboard boxes to get to the cereal or other dried foodstuff. Pest control Palm Harbor specialists advise storing dried goods in tight-fitting plastic containers.
  • By the garbage cans. What smells rotten to us is just another enticing aroma to ants. They’ll go after garbage as well as containers destined for the recycling bins. Keep your garbage cans clean, say pest control Palm Harbor experts, empty them often and rinse your recyclables before tossing in the bin.
  • Near pet food. If Fluffy and Fido haven’t cleaned their bowls, never fear — ants will appear to do it for them. Once your pets are done eating for the day, pick up their bowls, discard the leftovers and scrub out the dishes, recommended by our pest control Palm Harbor specialist.

Have an ant infestation? Call qualified pest control Palm Harbor experts to treat the problem.

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