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What Services Will You Need?

Living in Florida has its challenges: the weather can be pretty intense and the pests thrive in our warm, humid climate. That’s why it is important to find a pest control Tampa company that provides a full service offering – not just addressing only a few species, but provides a holistic approach to pest control.

A good pest control Tampa company provides the following services:

  1. Full pest control services, including but not limited to termites, ants, cockroaches, and bed bugs. A reliable pest control Tampa Bay company will provide you with a pest control plan that includes non-toxic chemicals, and measures to be taken around and in the house to prevent pests from coming in.
  2. Full rodent control, including but not limited to rats and mice. A pest control Tampa Bay company providing you with a rodent control plan not only knows how to recognize the presence of rodents (because you not seeing them doesn’t mean they are not there). They also understand there is a short term goal of addressing current rodent issues, and a long term goal of preventing them leveraging TAP Insulation
  3. Full termite control, including subterranean termite treatment and drywood termite treatment.  A good pest control Tampa company doesn’t leverage “tenting” anymore for drywood termites, due to it’s potential for damage to your house, and lack of residual protection.  Tenting should not be leveraged at all for subterranean termites.
  4. Bed bug treatment. Unfortunately, bed bugs have become a regular occurrence in Tampa, due to the tourism industry, and due to the fact that people travel a lot more - and therefore stay in hotels - then 10 years ago. A good pest control Tampa company no longer leverages traditional treatments, which require discarding all mattresses, pillows etc and usually doesn’t kill eggs, therefore requiring repeat treatments.  The alternative is a heat treatment, which allows for the treated room to be used the same day, the infestation to be controlled with one treatment, and preserves matrasses and other furniture.
  5. Attic Restoration. When you have had rodents move into your attic, they can do a lot of damage before you are able to get rid of them. A high quality pest control Tampa company not only helps you get rid of the rodents, but also provides attic restoration services, which includes the removal of any damage they caused, and the re-insulation of your attic with Thermal Acoustic Pest Control insulation to prevent re-infestation.

At Anti-Pesto, we designed our service offering around you, providing you everything you need to get rid of unwanted pests, and keep them out.  We have done this since 1988. Please contact us today if you think you need help.

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