Want the best pest control in Brandon? Look no further.

Are ants, termites, rodents, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and other common pests disrupting your comfort? Whether you need same-day treatment for an infestation or are searching for a surefire, long-term preventative solution, we can help.  Anti-Pesto offers pest control in Brandon that is pet and child friendly, fast, and personalized to the needs of your home and budget. Not only that, but if you call us before noon any day of the week, we will service your home within the day with our same-day service guarantee!

Pest Packages as Low as $31/Month

Pest Control Brandon

Here at Anti-Pesto, we believe pest control should be easy and hassle-free. No matter the type or scale of your current infestation, we’ll handle all of the logistics. Give us a call and one of our experienced exterminators in Brandon will select the safest, most effective treatment for all of your pest problems. We’ll listen to your concerns and keep you informed throughout the process. We promise to return you to the pest-free environment you deserve, without compromising the safety of your family, pets, or home!

"Very professional and friendly. They educated and explained the services. We are very happy with the results and we highly recommend them." - Marisol

Save $50 on Pest Control Today

Here at Anti-Pesto, we’re homeowners and family members too. We understand that bringing a third party into your home requires trust. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and treating our customers like family. After all, as a locally-owned company, we are your neighbors! Here's what makes Anti-Pesto different:

  • We provide pest control solutions that are fast, effective, and offers the highest level of safety for your family.

  • We’ll treat your home the very same day when you give us a call before noon Monday through Friday.

  • We will not only inspect and clear your home of pests, but we’ll come back and re-treat every few months to make sure they stay away.

  • We employ pest control professionals that are experienced and will keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.

  • Our pest technicians have a “can-do” attitude and are passionate about returning you to the comfortable lifestyle you deserve!

Choosing a pest control company shouldn't be hard. We'll make it easy for you by giving you $50 off when you sign up for one of our yearly pest control packages. Have a question? We’ll answer it. Have concerns after treatment? We’ll be there to help. There's simply no better choice for pest control in Brandon-- our customers agree.

Get Rid of Termites For Good

By the time you discover your home has been infested with termites, chances are they've already caused a good amount of damage. Here at Anti-Pesto, we want to help protect your home from potential damage with our termite treatment in Brandon. With free termite inspections and family-friendly treatments, we can defend your most valuable investment against the common subterranean and drywood termite species in Florida.

Depending on the type of termite infestation you have, our technicians will determine the most effective course of action to not only get rid of them, but keep them out for good. Our termite control in Brandon remains effective for years without adversely impacting adjacent landscaping or materials. Every termite treatment is backed by our one-year warranty, so if you still see signs, we’ll return free of charge! What’s more, we even offer no interest financing for up to 36 months for those who qualify. Give our office a call and see if you do!

Keep Rodents Out and Slash Energy Costs

Are rats, mice, and other dangerous rodents threatening the safety of your home? Whether you’re currently facing an infestation or want to prevent one, Anti-Pesto provides the best rodent control in Brandon. Because mice, rats, and squirrels are known to carry dangerous diseases, it's important to call a professional immediately if you suspect rodents have made their way into your home!

Anti-Pesto’s rodent control in Brandon is the solution that brings fast eradication, clean up, and long-term prevention with advanced TAP insulation technology. Here's what you can expect from our rodent control in Brandon:

  • A thorough inspection of your home

  • Total elimination of rodents, safely and humanely

  • A follow-up to ensure your problem is taken care of

  • A preventative barrier to keep rodents from returning

  • And same-day service for fast relief

Do you want a ground-breaking solution that uses science and technology to keep rodents and pests out, while slashing heating costs and reducing noise? Learn more about our Attic Restoration & Insulation package for your home.

Say Goodbye to Bed Bugs In One Visit

If you’re dealing with bed bugs, you probably aren’t getting much rest! It’s time to sleep soundly again, and we’re ready to help you do just that with our bed bug control in Brandon. Here at Anti-Pesto, our bed bug exterminators can help you get rid of bed bugs with effective heat treatments that are designed to kill off the entire population in your home in just ONE visit!

Traditional bed bug treatments require you to vacate your home, have follow-up visits, and involve harsh chemicals. We take a different approach here at Anti-Pesto with our heat treatments. These are not only super fast and effective, but they’re also the safest method for eliminating bed bugs. Here's why:

  • It uses dry, odorless heat to create a lethal environment that kills bed bugs.

  • It doesn’t involve dangerous or toxic chemicals, so your family, pets, and loved ones are completely protected.

  • Both your bed and all your property can be salvaged after treatment!

With our heat treatment, there is no need to experience additional expenses involved with extended hotel stays, and you don’t have to wonder if any bugs are left behind. The penetrative nature of heat guarantees that every bed bug and egg is dead and gone - for good. We understand that bed bug treatments can be expensive, so if you qualify, we offer no-interest financing for up to 36 months!

Enjoy a Mosquito-Free Backyard All Summer

Along with all of the great things that summer brings comes the most dreaded--the incessant swarm of mosquitoes. Come spring and summer, mosquitoes are everywhere to be found here in Brandon, impossible to escape. If you’re tired of dealing with itchy mosquito bites, let Anti-Pesto give you some relief with our professional mosquito treatments in Brandon.

It’s one thing to get rid of mosquitoes - that’s easy - the real challenge is keeping them away. After we eliminate the existing mosquito population in your yard, our mosquito exterminators in Brandon will keep them from coming back with highly targeted monthly treatments. We will:

  • Examine your backyard and outdoor space surrounding your home, especially areas where your family spends a lot of time outside.

  • Look for prime mosquito habitats and breeding grounds, so we can learn where the mosquitoes are coming from. This will allow our professionals to take care of the problem at the source!

  • Put in place a customized mosquito prevention plan that is right for your home, your family, and your budget.

  • Guess what? We’ll even give you $25 off your first treatment when you call us today!

Keep Your Business Pest-Free, Too!

Ants, silverfish, roaches, and other common pests can interrupt your workflow and cause great discomfort - especially if you are a customer-facing business. Here at Anti-Pesto, we can deliver long-term control over pests for businesses such as hotels, stadiums, restaurants, warehouses, office complexes, and more. Our Integrated Pest Management system (IPM) is a modern approach that was originally used in libraries and museums, where the environment was highly sensitive. Because we believe no commercial business should have to face the elevated risks associated with traditional chemical treatments, our commercial pest control in Brandon avoids harm to people, property, and the environment!

If you're interested in getting rid of pests once and for all in your business, learn more about our Integrated Pest Management!

Pet-Friendly, Non-Invasive Methods

Because we care about the wellbeing of your family, we're proud to use methods that are safe for your family and your pets: it’s the Anti-Pesto Bug Killers solution. Locally owned and operated by Howard and Wendy Bright, you can rest assured knowing that your home or business is being taken care of by another family in the local community. For personalized, customer-centric service from a company that understands the Tampa Bay area and its people, choose Anti-Pesto. Our never-ending commitment to quality and our loyal customers are what make our services incomparable in the pest control industry today!