Get fast relief from your pest problems in Tarpon Springs

Aside from carrying dangerous disease, pests are just downright gross to deal with. They can get into your food and on your counters, potentially harming the health of your loved ones. If you’ve found pests in your home and want to get rid of them as soon as possible, let Anti-Pesto help! With years of experience servicing the Tampa Bay area, we offer friendly and effective pest control in Tarpon Springs that will give you fast relief.

Pest Packages as Low as $31/Month

Residential Pest Control Tarpon Springs

Here at Anti-Pesto Bug Killers, our pest control treatments and techniques are the best in the industry. We make it an effort to stay on top of trends and innovations in the industry so we can provide you with the best service possible. Give us a call today at 727-524-6333 and we will:

  • Conduct a thorough pest inspection of your home, paying close attention to problem areas that we know pests like to hide in.

  • From there, we’ll design a pest treatment plan to address your specific needs and eliminate each and every pest.

  • Next, we’ll treat your home using pet, child, and bay-friendly pest treatments that are tough on bugs, but safe for humans & pests.

  • Finally, we’ll sit down for a personal consultation to educate you on prevention methods and practices to keep your home bug-free.

  • To ensure long-term elimination, we’ll visit your home on a recurring basis to inspect and treat.

When you choose Anti-Pesto Bug Killers, you won’t regret it. See what our customers have to say on Google+!

Complete Elimination: Guaranteed!

Here at Anti-Pesto, we don’t just treat your current problem--we go above and beyond to prevent future problems, too. Because pests are a year-round issue in Florida, we perform recurring inspections and treatments to keep them away. What’s more, if pests persist between scheduled visits to your home, simply give us a call, and we’ll treat your home for free.

Same-Day Pest Control Service

Whether you find ants, roaches, or spiders in your home, chances are you want them gone fast. Who wants to wait days or even weeks for relief? With Anti-Pesto Bug Killers on the job, you won’t have to wait long. We offer flexible scheduling and even same-day pest service in Tarpon Springs. We'll get you back to a comfortable, pest-free home as quickly as possible!

You Can Save $50 Today

If you’re ready to enjoy a pest free home, choose from one of our highly effective pest control packages! We offer an array of different plans to fit your home's needs and budgets. What’s more, if you sign up for one our pest plans today, you can take $50 off your initial service!