Protect Your Home Against a Variety of Pests - Find the Service You Need!

Here at Anti-Pesto, our exterminators are the experts at restoring and maintaining pest-free, comfortable homes, businesses, and public places in the Tampa Bay Area. We customize our services to your specific needs, with solutions for a wide variety of Florida’s pests. No matter the service, you will receive timely and courteous attention, cutting edge treatments, and lasting results!

Our Residential Pest Services

Termite Treatment in Florida

Need to eliminate a current infestation or protect your home from future risk? Our services deliver on our promise to provide you with a termite-free property. The mission of our termite control services in Florida are to protect your home from damage and ensure your utmost comfort throughout the process!

Bed Bug Control in Florida

Are you ready to completely eliminate bed bugs and sleep soundly again tonight? We bet! The team at Anti-Pesto are the experts at getting rid of bed bugs with advanced techniques that eliminate the entire population while protecting your loved ones and your property.