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Are Bugs Sending Your Customers Out the Door?

Pest control is serious business, especially for retail stores and supermarkets in the state of Florida. In fact, just one pest sighting can result in the loss of multiple customers. Don't let pests ruin your company's hard-earned reputation!

Retail and Food Store Pest Control

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Pest problems in your store create two types of problems: dissatisfied customers and loss of product. Yet, traditional pest control solutions can interrupt your store’s schedule and possibly put your customers at risk. Here at Anti-Pesto, we use a non-invasive approach called Integrated Pest Management to protect your store--and the people inside--from hazardous chemicals. We'll protect your produce and products from the following pets without exposing anyone to toxic fumes:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Roaches
  • Flies
  • And more

We Accommodate Your Needs 

Here at Anti-Pesto, we understand what you're up against. We consider our pest control for retail stores and supermarkets as a partnership among two businesses. We'll always tailor your pest control plan around your schedule. The process always begins with a consultation where we strive to establish trust and integrity as we work together to shape a plan to accommodate your needs. We'll continue to keep you informed of the details throughout the process, always remaining flexible to your priorities and needs.

Safe and Effective Methods

Our many years of experience have shown that repeated applications of traditional pesticides are not the best way to handle commercial pest control in Tampa. We use a modern broad-based approach designed for sensitive environments. In addition, we are proud to use products that are child and pet-friendly. At Anti-Pesto, we know spraying is not conducive to a business setting. Instead of spraying, we use alternative methods that meet state requirements and operational sensitivities.

Looking to keep your storefront pest free?

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