Tired of sharing your yard with mosquitoes?

Need to claim your lawn back from pesky mosquitoes? If a population is intruding on your family’s outdoor experience, we can take care of it. Our professional exterminators in Florida will eradicate these disease-carrying pests at the source, and then help you keep your yard enjoyable for the entire season.

With our help, you can start enjoying your backyard with friends and family!

Mosquito Control in Florida

Mosquito Control Florida

Your yard should be a haven for your family’s playtime, outdoor BBQs, parties, and more. Our mosquito control plan focuses on reducing the current population of mosquitoes and preventing recurrence. By treating the places in your yard where mosquitoes tend to breed, we defeat them at the source with products that are pet, child, and bay friendly. We service areas in and around the Tampa Bay area, including:

"Very professional and friendly. They educated and explained the services. We are very happy with the results and we highly recommend them." - Marysol

Long-Term Prevention & Protection

The rapid breeding cycles of mosquitoes make them an issue that needs to be addressed year-round for total control. Our mosquito control services are applied monthly during the height of mosquito season, which usually is between April and October. Our exterminators will also help fortify your yard by teaching you about easy preventative methods to make your yard a less ideal spot for mosquitoes to breed. This includes eliminating standing water, and:

  • Emptying sandboxes, plastic toys, plant saucer, and abandoned buckets.

  • Changing water weekly in wading pools and bird baths.

  • Keeping outdoor pet bowls clean and fill with fresh water on a regular basis.

Get Back Outdoors with Our Help

We know selecting a treatment requires placing trust in the provider. We’ve been fighting pests in the Tampa Bay area for decades, and since day one, our commitment to your satisfaction has stood strong. You’ll notice a difference in the attentiveness of our skilled, trained technicians. And the results you’ll see? They’re the product of our ongoing commitment to making our service options and treatment methods the ideal solution for the area’s mosquito species. Our goal is you, and the comfort and safety of your loved ones!

Get back outdoors with our Mosquito Reduction Plan!