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Eliminate Pests in Your Attic While Reducing Energy Costs!

Silverfish, cockroaches, rodents, and other insects often originate in your attic. The damage can be detrimental to wood structures and costly insulation. Has your attic been infested and damaged by pests? Anti-Pesto specializes in Attic Restoration and Insulation services that eliminate pests and keep them from returning with an advanced pest control insulation that provides a myriad of additional benefits for your family and home.

Attic Restoration and Insulation

Here at Anti-Pesto, we believe that, from top to bottom, your home should be completely pest free. Our Attic Restoration and TAP insulation services are designed to help homeowners in a variety of different situations. Whether your attic has been infested and damaged by pests and needs cleanup and repair, or you are seeking to install the most cost effective and beneficial insulation available, we can help.

Clean Up Infestations and Keep Pests Out

Have you experienced the frustrating discovery of rodent or pest damage in your attic? Let Anti-Pesto’s professional team calm your nerves with a solution that will not only fix the problem, but will also prevent damage down the road. Our exterminators will safely dispose of all pests, droppings, and nests in the space, and carefully remove the damaged insulation. Having spent years understanding the elusive behavior of pests, we can assure you that every trace of a pest problem will be gone from your attic.

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TAP Insulation Installations

Once our professional teams have cleared your attic of pests and their damage, we will replace your insulation with TAP insulation. TAP, otherwise known as Thermal Acoustical Pest Control insulation, is a fire-retardant, environmentally-friendly, thermally superior, sound-deadening, natural insulation. Our teams will carefully install the TAP through a blow method that guarantees every cavity is 100% filled. What's more, for those who qualify, we even offer financing options


Reduce Energy Costs & Prevent Pests

Why not choose an attic pest prevention solution that gives you long-term benefits for your entire home? The benefits of TAP insulation include:

  • Insulating your attic which helps prevent common pest infestations.
  • Reducing energy costs and giving you more acoustical control over your home.
  • Enjoying a cool or warm home without having to worry about sky-high energy bills.
  • A quieter, more comfortable interior without interruption from planes overhead, nearby traffic, or noisy neighbors.

The Anti-Pesto Difference

Our customers will tell you there is something different about Anti-Pesto. Our professional teams are hired conditionally on skill and dedication to outstanding customer service. We work hard to ensure that your Restoration and Insulation service is performed so that the eradication, repair, and installation produce the best results possible for your home. Let Anti-Pesto help you take a hold of attic pests while you reap the benefits of lower energy bills and a quieter home!

Our Attic Restoration and Insulation services eliminate pests and keep them from returning with an advanced pest control insulation that provides a myriad of additional benefits for your family and home.

Eliminate pests and keep them from harming your family and home.

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