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Don't Share Your Home With Unsanitary Rodents

Rodents don’t belong in your home -- period. Whether you suspect a rodent infestation or have seen rats and mice with your very eyes, the experts at Anti-Pesto can help solve your rodent problem fast. We offer the fastest, most reliable rodent control services in the Tampa Bay area that will eliminate each and every last rodent, restore damaged spaces, and create a barrier against future risks. 

Rodent Control in the Tampa Bay Area

Rats on porch

There are fewer things more jarring than finding rodents in your home. These pests are not only extremely unsanitary, but they can also cause structural damage to your home and electrical wiring. Unfortunately, because rodents are nocturnal, they often go unnoticed. Many homeowners don’t even realize they have an infestation until they’ve already caused sufficient damage. The telltale signs of a rodent problem include:

  • Scratching noises that increase during dusk

  • Rodent droppings near food sources, in drawers, under sinks, etc.

  • Gnawing marks around the home or electrical wiring

  • Foul odor in hidden areas where rodents may be hiding

If you suspect a rodent infestation, give the experts at Anti-Pesto a call today and we can be at your home in no time to inspect and treat it!

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Get Long-Lasting Relief from Rodents in Tampa

Because of their elusive nature, eliminating rodents effectively requires special skills and experience that only pest professionals possess. Here at Anti-Pesto, we have over 30 years of experience dealing with rodents, and can safely eliminate all rodents while also protecting your family and pets. We have access to the best products and methods in the industry and specialize in long-term protection with our Thermal Acoustic Pest Control (TAP) insulation method. When you partner with us for your rodent control, we will:

  • Start with an initial inspection of the suspected areas to identify the severity of the infestation.

  • Based on our findings, we’ll create a customized rodent treatment plan based on the needs of your home.

  • We’ll then remove all rodents, nests, and any contaminated materials inside your home.

  • Then, we will re-insulate your attic with special, state of the art materials to prevent future infestations!

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Our Financing Options

Here at Anti-Pesto Bug Killers, we’ll eliminate rodents, restore the damage, and provide new insulation for future protection. When you partner with our rodent exterminators, you won’t only get relief from your current infestation, but you’ll also get the peace of mind that rodents will not return. What's more, we are happy to offer financing options for our rodent control and attic insulation services. 


You Can Trust Our High-Rated Company

With Anti-Pesto's rodent control services , you’ll receive more than just year-round protection against rodents. Our TAP insulation is a modern, ground-breaking method that prevents an array of different pests, as well as reduces energy bills through better insulation. You can expect our team of professionals to share their expertise, walk you through the entire process, and keep you in the loop throughout the entire treatment, repair, and installation process. It's no wonder we have a 4.9 rating online - our customers agree that Anti-Pesto is the best in the area.

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Areas We Service in Tampa Bay

Here at Anti-Pesto, we are locally-owned and operated and take great pride in protecting our neighbors' homes from rodents and a myriad of other pests. Wondering if we service your area? No problem! We provide our services to homeowners in and around the Tampa Bay area, including:

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Let our experts get rid of your rodent problem for good.

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