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Looking For Pest Control in Pinellas County, FL?

As a pest control company, we know better than anyone that Pinellas County is home to a wide variety of annoying pests. If you've lived here, you've probably dealt with an infestation of one pest or another and know how frustrating it can be to deal with. We understand this problem all too well, and it's our goal to help our neighbors by offering pest services in St. Petersburg and the Pinellas County area. If you need help from the experts there is no company more qualified than Anti-Pesto Bug Killers. Give us a call before noon and we can have an experienced exterminator to your home the same day!

Our Service Areas in Pinellas County: 

Residential Pest Control in Pinellas County

Getting rid of pests without help is a chore, and DIY solutions are often ineffective and end up costing you money. Our residential pest control services take the frustration out of getting rid of your infestation. Our exterminators have over 20 years of experience and will start your service with a free inspection. Once we understand the problem we'll provide you with a tailored solution that promotes long-term protection. No matter what kind of pest you're dealing with, trust us to find the solution!

We've dealt with the following pests in Florida:

  • General pests like cockroaches, flies, ants, spiders, etc. 
  • Wood destroying insects like subterranean and drywood termites.
  • Outdoor pests like wasps, fleas, mosquitoes, etc.
  • Rodents such as mice and rats


Termite Treatment in Pinellas County

As a homeowner, termites are one of the biggest threats you'll face no matter where you live. These damaging pests infest approximately 600,000 homes a year and cause millions of dollars in damage. The worst part is termite infestations often go unnoticed before the damage is done, so having a professional inspect your home is crucial to staying protected. Our services include free inspections so we can clarify the extent of the problem. We'll then provide you with the most effective solution available!

Most Common Termites in Florida

The termites you'll find in Florida typically fall into one of two species:

Subterranean Termites: This species of termite is the most destructive. They require moisture to survive, so they spend their time below the surface where the soil is wet. Because of this, the untrained eye is often unaware of their presence before noticeable damage is done. 

Drywood Termites: While less threatening to the structure of your home, this species can still cause noticeable damage. They get their moisture from the humid Florida air which allows them to live inside the wood itself. Their colonies are typically much smaller than subterranean colonies and their damage is confined to one area of your home. 

If you've noticed the signs of either of these, give us a call!


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